The following is a list of college preparatory, internship and summer enrichment programs for high school students. Most programs take place in or around Los Angeles, though a few offer students the opportunity to travel to Sacramento or out-of-state. All programs listed provide either free tuition, stipends or financial assistance for low-income students. This guide lists a basic description of each program, along with eligibility requirements and application deadlines. You can follow the links to individual program websites for more information about each program.

In order to assist you with timely planning during the application process, programs are listed according to the month the application is due. It is best to start working on your application several months in advance, in order to give yourself enough time to prepare your application materials, and obtain letters of recommendation (if applicable). Please be sure to confirm the application deadline for any program you apply to on the individual program website.

This page is updated monthly, so be sure to check back regularly for upcoming opportunities.