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Education in the arts, whether visual, theatrical, or musical, is an enriching experience that inspires creativity in kids of all ages. As Albert Einstein once said, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

ECCLA is dedicated to finding the best arts education resources Los Angeles has to offer! This page is frequently updated with new and continuing arts opportunities as well as useful links that inspire and grow creativity.


California Arts Education Association

This webpage links you to a number of other art education resources for lesson plans, assessment ideas, and more!

Incredible Art Department

The oldest art education website out there, Incredible Art Department provides a vast array of resources, from lesson plans and art curriculum to examples of exemplary art education and an “Art Teacher Toolkit.”

The J. Paul Getty Museum

Not only is The Getty an excellent field trip destination, but their education department provides a variety of high quality resources to explore the arts within your classroom. On their website, you can access Common Core-aligned lessons as well as get tips for incorporating art-based lessons into your curriculum.


ArtsEdge is the Kennedy Center’s educational media arm. They support arts-based student learning and their collection of free digital resources includes lesson plans, video clips, audio stories, and interactive online modules.

Arts for LA: Arts Advocacy Toolkit

Arts for LA is a non profit that advocates for greater investment in the arts and arts education in Los Angeles County.

Arts for LA has an excellent advocacy toolkit for anyone to use on their website. It includes tips for organizing meetings, campaign planning, and even questions to ask candidates running for school boards and city government.

Click here for the resource toolkit.

The Music Center