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 Opportunities for Students

STEM-EOP Summer Programs

Students should apply now! Slots are filling up!


Techie Camp for rising 6th – 8th grade students

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Mission Engineering for High School Students

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Summer Engineering Camp for rising 6th – 8th grade students

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Energy of STEM for rising 4th – 12th grade students.

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Project Payload for rising 6th – 8th grade girls.

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Opportunity Scholars Public Health Academy Summer Program


Sign up for the Annual Viterbi Robotics Invitational

Saturday, April 27, 2019
For Elementary, Middle and High School teams
Deadline to sign up is April 19th
An annual competition that highlights the increasing role that robotics have in our everyday lives. The competition encourages interactions that leave everyone involved feeling valued with a sense of integrity and teamwork as they seek to solve the “wicked problems” facing our times as well as the Grand Engineering Challenges.
This year’s competition, Carbon Capture and Sequestration Drone (CarCapSeq) Challenge is a proof of concept competition. The robots will emulate nano drones that collect carbon dioxide molecules.

California Science Center

GMiS Scholarship

The GMiS merit-based scholarships range from $500 – $10,000. Applicants must demonstrate merit through academic achievements, leadership and campus/community activities.
Its open to graduating high school seniors, undergraduate students and graduate students, who;
Are pursuing or intend to pursue a science, technology, engineering, math or health-related field of study; Have an overall minimum GPA of 3.0 (On a 4.0 scale);

College Board Opportunity Scholarships

Applying to college is a complicated process, so the College Board created a program that guides you through it.
It doesn’t require an essay, application, or minimum GPA. Instead, it rewards your effort and initiative. Starting this December, complete key steps along your path to college for a chance to earn scholarships.

Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI)

Google’s Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI) is a three-week introduction to computer science for graduating high school seniors with a passion for technology — especially students from historically underrepresented groups in the field.
CSSI is not your average summer camp. It’s an intensive, interactive, hands-on and fun program that seeks to inspire the tech leaders and innovators of tomorrow by supporting the study of computer science, software engineering and other closely related subjects.
Application opens in January
QuestBridge connects the nation’s brightest students from low-income backgrounds with leading institutions of higher education such as USC and further opportunities.
Current juniors who have shown outstanding academic ability despite financial challenges can apply for the College Prep Scholars Program . The application will open in early 2019 and is due in March 2019.

Amazon Future Engineer

Amazon Future Engineer is a comprehensive childhood-to-career program to inspire, educate, and train children and young adults from underserved and low-income communities to pursue careers in computer science. Amazon aims to inspire more than 10 million kids each year to explore computer science, fund CS courses for over 100,000 underprivileged young people in 2,000 low-income high schools across the U.S., and award 100 students from under-served communities pursuing degrees in computer science with four-year $10,000 annual scholarships, as well as internships at Amazon to gain work experience.

Find out about STEM events in the LA area:

City of STEM is an opportunity for L.A. to showcase a science, technology, and engineering ecosystem that is creating new opportunities every day and putting L.A. at the center of a global movement to envision tomorrow and build it today.
Learn all about the city of STEM and upcoming events.

Opportunities for Parents 

Parent and Community STEM Resource Network has been Launched

The Viterbi parent and community shared STEM space website is a collaborative space for parents, teachers, and organizations to share resources and learn about STEM opportunities such as activities, events, scholarships, competitions, and summer camps! It is hosted on Ning, the largest online community building platform in the World.
Please share our Parent and Community site with parents from your school. On this site we not only post STEM opportunities from our programs, but we also post STEM opportunities from those of our colleagues across the country.

Parents Empowered: Education Equity Conference

The conference is designed to create community amongst LA County parents and raise awareness around the tools parents can utilize to effectively advocate for their children in the classroom and beyond.

Opportunities for Teachers

Chevron Energy Sources Colloquium for High School Science Teachers 2019

The colloquium is designed to allow high school science teachers a unique opportunity to participate in an enriching experience before the start of the new school year.

The colloquium focuses on the most important issues related to the science and technology behind providing energy resources in this country and to the world community.
The program will include seminar style discussions, laboratory visits and outings.

ACT Teacher Prep Workshops

Full-day workshops will provide classroom teachers, administrators, counselors and other educators with valuable knowledge and insight into how to use ACT resources for enhancing college and career readiness.

UCLA Writing Project Summer Invitational Institute for teachers

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Code.Org Teacher Professional Learning

Code. org and its regional partner(s) will be providing professional learning for teachers in CS Fundamentals (K-5) , Exploring Computer Science or Computer Science
Discoveries, and in Computer Science Principles in California.
LAUSD teachers – If you are interested in joining a 2019-2020 cohort, the online application will be accessible through and will open in January 2019. If you have any questions, please contact Dawn Guest-Johnson at .
Non-LAUSD Teachers – The Viterbi Adopt-aSchool, Adopt-a-Teacher (VAST) program will host’s teacher professional learning programs in Summer 2019 for middle and high school teachers who want to teach a new Computer Science course
in their school in the 2019-20 Academic Year. You can apply here:

STEP EOP Giveaways

From time-to-time, we give away surplus STEM supplies to the schools in our Programs and Networks. If you are interested in any of the items listed here , they are available for pick up on a first come-first serve basis. You would be responsible for coming to USC to get them. You can email us to arrange a time to pick up the items. We have new items to give away!!

Immediate opportunity for Elementary Schools within a 1 mile radius of USC

The “3D Printing 4 Everyone” USC Viterbi student organization aims to 3D print educational materials and visual aids for primary and elementary school students around the USC area. Their goal is to both expose students to the interdisciplinary world of 3D printing as well as use their 3D printing capabilities to enhance the learning experience for your students. They want to work with teachers to provide educational models. They will meet with teachers as necessary to provide them with materials based on their lessons. If you are interested, please email them here

Viterbi Volunteers

The USC Viterbi School is launching a program to help our students get more active in serving our community. If you would like to have Viterbi Students volunteer for your organization, please click here to submit your information!

  Take The Female Lead 

The National Girls Collaborative is promoting the book  The Female Lead Seeing is Believing by giving schools the free book and teaching materials. Order yours now !

Teacher Advisor With Watson

Teacher Advisor With Watson, a free online tool powered by IBM Watson artificial intelligence technology to help them confidentially access targeted Watson plans and video for math instruction.

Research Experience for Teachers (RET)

TANMS Research Experience for Teacher (RET) is a 6-week, full-time, research-based summer professional development program that provides hands-on, cross-disciplinary research experiences for high school teachers and community college professors.

Coding in English Class? Yes! And in Your Class Too!

Tips to create your own coding lessons or units from onine programs that allow students to work at their own pace. Click here for more info

 Engineering Go For It

A variety of tools to boost your students’ math and science skills, enliven the classroom with engineering projects, expand your own professional horizons and stay informed.Subscribe, and a newsletter with updated features will arrive in your in-box every month.

Meteorite Exhibit

When: Every Monday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Where: Westwood,UCLA Meteorite Gallery,
595 Charles Young Drive East, L.A.
Cost: Free
Target Audience: General Public
Type of Event: Exhibit
Event Summary:
The UCLA Collection of Meteorites is the largest in West Coast, over 2500 samples from 1500 different meteorites .About 100 of these are exhibited in the Meteorite Gallery.

Not Just Another STEM k12 Education Improvement Idea

We would like to ask for your participation in a STEM survey. The project idea is the STEMS K12 Improvements Project. We aim to improve achievement and attainment of k12 students in STEM programs for the students who have the highest needs.