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USC Government & Civic Engagement »
USC spearheaded the original effort to draw together the museums and colleges in central Los Angeles and form ECCLA. USC, through the department of Government & Civic Engagement (GCE), has been one of ECCLA’s staunchest supporters since inception. USC GCE hosts ECCLA’s office space and makes a variety of on-going, in-kind contributions to support the mission and goals of ECCLA.

California Retired Teachers Association »
For the last ten years the Area VII Chapter, Division 12, of the California Retired Teachers Association has generously underwritten scholarships for graduating high school seniors from our ECCLA targeted schools in Central Los Angeles.

Ernestine Turner Memorial Scholarship Prize at Carver Middle School
When long-time teacher Ernestine Turner passed away in 2008, her family sought a way to make a lasting legacy. Her son Thomas Turner, also a teacher, and his brother elected to establish a fund at ECCLA to support the awarding of a scholarship at Mr. Turner’s school. Each year 8th grade students at Carver learn that it is not too early to start thinking about college, and have the chance to win money to support their dreams.

USC Civic and Community Relations – Regina Hunter Bloom Endowment
For nineteen years, an endowment from the estate of Regina Hunter Bloom (administered through the USC Office of Civic and Community Relations) underwrote the prize money awarded in a number of ECCLA’s programs, including ECCLA’s two annual essay contests, the Eighth- Grade Scholarships and two annual Teacher Awards. We are grateful to Ms. Bloom’s estate for the many students who have benefitted from her generosity.

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson T. Bogart, Jr.
Inspired by an article about USC’s Family of Schools, Doris and Nelson T. Bogart, Jr. handed over a check for $50,000 to USC President Steven Sample to support local kindergarten through 12th grade education. Both Nelsons were USC alumnae from the Bay Area. From 2001 to 2011, USC made some of those funds available to underwrite prizes for excellence in teaching among the schools officially adopted as part of USC’s “Family of Schools.”