The Music Center helps teachers integrate the arts as part of their ongoing practice, providing opportunities for support and partnerships with teaching artists, specialists and peers.

Professional Development

Teacher workshops:

“Through the Arts

Through the Arts teacher workshops target arts integration strategies for K-12 teachers in dance, music, theatre, and visual arts. Teachers learn creative and effective approaches for integrating the arts into their content areas.

“In the Arts

In the Arts teacher workshops are classes for teachers in the art forms of dance, music, theatre, and visual arts. Teachers increase their skill level in a specific art form, focusing on practice and technique.

Duration: From 2-hour sessions up to 6-hour days, multiple days per year.

The Institute for Educators

The Institute for Educators is The Music Center’s premier professional development program in arts integration, held each summer at The Music Center. During the Institute, teachers engage in hands-on arts learning, participate as a community of learners, and explore how the arts can be powerful tools for integrated learning.

Participants experience lessons rooted in the Visual and Performing Arts Standards and the Common Core. Guided by Music Center Master Teaching Artists, participants inquire into content and meaning, and create, perform, reflect on, and assess their own work and teaching practice. Teams of teachers, educators, arts specialists, and Music Center Master Teaching Artists work side-by-side as reflective learners and collaborative partners.

Through this process, teachers gain creative and effective tools for arts integration, renewed ownership, and firm commitment to transform their classrooms through the arts.

Duration: Five consecutive 6-hour days, held each summer at The Music Center.

For more information about the Institute for Educators, visit the Institute for Educators page


Could your faculty benefit from thinking outside the box, collaborating with each other, and discovering new ideas for their students?

Faculty Development sessions focus on training for entire school faculties. The emphasis is placed on expanding current teaching models, including strengthening school learning communities, advancing best practices, and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and lesson planning.

Duration: From 2-hour sessions up to 6-hour days, multiple days per year.


Teaching Artist Development is a course for new and experienced teaching artists in effective methodologies and best practices for teaching in the K-12 classroom. Artists explore multiple approaches of thinking about, expressing, and harnessing their art form for students and teachers.

Duration: Typically 3-10 sessions of 3 hours each. Sessions are held once or twice per week to allow time to integrate the content into artist work. Sessions can be customized to specific needs.

For more information about Professional Development,
contact: Keith Wyffels, Manager of Professional Development

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