Fiscal Sponsorship

ECCLA is discontinuing the fiscal sponsorship program, and will assist sponsorees with transition to other fiscal sponsorship organizations to the extent that ECCLAs resources allow.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is fiscal sponsorship?

Fiscal sponsorship is a formal arrangement that allows programs to use a 501(c)3 organization’s tax exemption, as an alternative to creating a new 501(c)3 organization for the program, reducing administrative and overhead costs.

Does a fiscal sponsor provide funding to the project?

No. Fiscal sponsorees of ECCLA are responsible for their own funding.

Why use a fiscal sponsor?

Many foundations and grantors require recipients of their funds to be 501(c)(3) corporations. In addition, many private donors wish to claim their charitable donations as tax deductible, which requires that the donation be given to a 501(c)(3) organization. Using a fiscal sponsor allows your organization to receive these benefits without having to incorporate into a 501(c)(3).

Do I give up control of the project when I receive fiscal sponsorship?

No. The fiscal sponsor complies with legal and fiduciary regulations, but exerts no day-to-day control over the project.

What should I do if I’m interested in fiscal sponsorship with ECCLA?

Unfortunately, ECCLA is not seeking fiscal sponsorees at this time.


Potential Sponsoree Checklist


Thank you for your interest. ECCLA is not currently accepting new Fiscal Sponsorship applications.