Financial Forms

ECCLA Fiscal Sponsorees: Please read our instructions for spending your money first. (pdf)

Below are the required ECCLA forms to request request expenditure of your current project funds, engage contractors or hire employees or USC work-study students.

For questions related to such activities, please email:


Hiring USC Work Study (link)

Hiring Employees (link)

Check Request Form: This form tells us how you want us to handle a payment directly to a vendor, in order to purchase goods or services | (pdf)

Request for Reimbursement Form: This form tells us how to handle reimbursements that you request when you have spent money out of pocket and need to get a that amount back | (pdf)

Mileage Reimbursement Form: If your grant allows for local transportation reimbursement, the person doing the driving will use this form to claim that expense | (pdf)

Petty Cash Instructions: In a few cases, it makes sense for a project to have cash on hand, rather than using reimbursements for money spent of behalf of a project. If you feel this applies to you, speak to an ECCLA financial assistant by calling (213) 743-4516 | (pdf)

Petty Cash Request Form: Use this form when setting up a new petty cash fund, and when replenishing an existing fund  | (pdf)

Petty Cash Accounting Sheet: Make an entry at the top of the form when you receive funds, and track expenses as the money is spent  | (pdf)

ECCLA Substitute W-9: If you have someone being paid for their time to do work for your project, and that person has reasonable autonomy over the performance of that work, they may be in independent contractor. They usually have their own business, and provide services to other clients as well | (pdf)

Independent Contractor Agreement: This form is required of anyone working as a contractor for ECCLA or a sponsored project | (pdf)

Change of Address Form: If you receive payments from ECCLA in the form of reimbursements, income, etc and your mailing or permanent address has changed, use this form. | (pdf)