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Target Schools

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ECCLA’s service area is roughly bounded by Olympic, Slauson, Crenshaw and Alameda Blvds.

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# 10th Street Elementary School
20th Street Elementary School
24th Street Children’s Center
24th Street Elementary School
28th Street Children’s Center
28th Street Elementary School
32nd Street / USC Performing Arts Magnet
36th Street Children’s Center
37th Street Children’s Center
42nd Street Elementary School
49th Street Elementary School
52nd Street Elementary School^top
A Academy of Science and Engineering
Adams High Ability/Gifted Magnet Middle School
Adams Middle School
Alexander Science Center
Alliance Merkin Middle School
Angeles Mesa Elementary School
Ánimo Jackie Robinson High School
Ánimo Jefferson Middle School
Ánimo Ralph Bunche High School
Annenberg High School
Arco Iris Primary Center
Arlington Heights Elementary School
Ascot Avenue Elementary School
Audubon Gifted/High Ability Magnet Middle School
Audubon Middle School
Aurora Elementary School^top
B Barack Obama Global Preparation Academy
Berendo Middle School
Bishop Conaty- Our Lady of Loretto High School
Bradley Global Awareness Magnet
Bright Elementary School
Budlong Avenue Elementary School
Business and Technology School^top
C Camino Nuevo Castellanos Elementary School
Camino Nuevo Eisner Middle School
Carver Middle School
Celerity Dyad Charter 4-8
Celerity Dyad Charter K-3
Center for Advanced Learning
City of Angels Independent Study School
Clinton Middle School
Cochran Middle School
Coliseum Street Elementary School
College Ready Academy High #4
College Ready Academy High #5
College Ready Academy Middle #3
Crenshaw Arts/Tech Charter High School
Crenshaw Senior High School
Crenshaw Teacher Training Magnet
Crescendo Charter School^top
D David Roberti Children’s Center
Douglass Academy High School
Douglass Elementary School
Douglass Middle School
Downtown Value School
Dr. James Edward Jones Primary Center^top
E Eco Academy High School
Estrella Elementary School^top
F Foshay Learning Center
Frida Kahlo High School^top
G Garr Academy of Mathematics & Entrepreneurial Studies
Gertz-Ressler Academy High School
Global Education Academy Elementary School
Global Education Academy Middle School^top
H Harmony Elementary School
Hawkins High School
Hillcrest Drive Elementary School
Hillcrest Elementary Music Magnet
Hobart Boulevard Elementary School
Holy Name of Jesus School
Hooper Avenue Elementary School
Hooper Avenue Primary Center
Huerta Elementary School^top
I ^top
J Jefferson Senior High School
Julian Nava Learning Academu^top
K ^top
L Lanterman High School
Leo Politi Elementary School
Lizarraga Elementary School
Los Angeles Academy Middle School
Los Angeles Elementaary School
Lou Dantzler Preparatory Charter Elementary School
Lou Dantzler Preparatory Charter Middle School^top
M Mack Elementary School
Magnolia Avenue Elementary School
Main Street Elementary School
Manual Arts College Prep Magnet
Manual Arts Senior High School
Maple Primary Center
Mariposa-Nabi Primary Center
Marlton School for the Deaf
Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School
Maya Angelou Fine Arts High School
Maya Angelou Global Issues High School
Menlo Avenue Elementary School
Mentropolitan Continuation
Mid City Magnet
Muir Middle School^top
N Nativity School
Nava Business and Tech Middle School
Nevin Avenue Elementary School
New Designs Charter
New Heights Charter Elementary School
New Heights Charter ES-MS
Normandie Avenue Children’s Center
Normandie Avenue Elementary School
Norwood Street Children’s Center
Norwood Street Elementary School^top


O Olympic Primary Center
Orthopaedic Hospital Medical Medical High Magnet
Ouchi High School^top
P Para Los Ninos Charter School
Para Los Ninos Middle School
Pio Pico Middle School^top
Q Quincy Jones Elementary School^top


Salvin Special Education Center

R Ricardo Lizarraga Elementary School^top S San Pedro Street Elementary School
Santee Education Complex
School of Arts and Culture at Julian Nava
St. Agnes School
St. Cecilia School
St. Columbkille School
St. Odilia School
St. Paul School
St. Thomas School
St. Turibius School
St. Vincent School
Student Empowerment Academy
Synergy Charter Academy
Synergy Kinetic Academy
Synergy Quantum Academy High School^top
T The Accelerated Charter Elementary School
The Accelerated School
Today’s Fresh Start
Transifguration School
Tri-C Community Day
Trinity Street Elementary School^top
U USC Family of Schools


V Vermont Elementary School
View Park Preparatory Accelerated Charter Elementary School
View Park Preparatory Accelerated Charter Middle School
View Park Preparatory Accelerated High School^top
W Wadsworth Avenue Children’s Center
Wadsworth Avenue Elementary School
Weemes Elementary School
West Adams Preparatory High School
Western Avenue Elementary School
West Vernon Avenue Elementary School
Whitney Young Continuation
Widney High School^top
X ^top Y  ^top
Z ^top